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Website Re-Designs

Old site outdated? Need a fresh new look

Revamp your current website
Brand new fresh look
Website Design

Do you already have a website? Has it not been as successful as you had hoped? Is it not responsive for mobiles? Is it looking old and dated? Does it no longer match up with your current branding? Has it been designed by a 'friend of a friend'?

If so then it could be time for a Shine Internet professional website re-design. Many websites can become stale, and as technology continues to move at a rapid rate so do design methods, styles and web technologies. Many websites created years ago need updating to be responsive for mobiles and tablets.

What was cutting edge 2 years ago can look very dated in the current market. Our website face-lifts can be radical re-designs giving your site a completely different look or just slight enhancements to the navigation and images to improve overall user experience.